About SP Moulding

SP Moulding is the leading Danish manufacturer of injection-moulded plastic precision components for a wide range of industrial enterprises worldwide.

SP Moulding has modern production sites in Denmark, People’s Republic of China and Poland. Production and processes in Denmark and China have been certified in accordance with DS/EN ISO 9001 and DS/EN ISO 14001. In Poland we have been certified in accordance with DS/EN ISO 9001 (All after the existing standards).

SP Moulding (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. in China and SP Moulding (Poland) Sp. z.o.o. manufacture technical plastics and perform assembly work.

In addition to the actual moulding, which is carried out in modern production facilities, the technology area handles all finishing treatment such as ultrasound welding, surface treatment and compression. SP Moulding is also handling part or full assembly, packaging and consignment for a large number of customers.

The business unit SP Medical manufacture to medical device customers in Karise and Zdunska Wola (Poland).

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  • Name, Logo and Mission

    Our name and logo reflect our mission and skills.

    Our core competencies - surfaces and plastics - provide the letters "SP" in our name.

    Our mission is to deliver technical plastic, manufactured through injection moulding. From this comes our name "Moulding".

    The colours of our logo illustrate the colorful plastics materials.


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